Penmanship Ft. Dirty Mike

from by Cymatic

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Penmanship Ft. Dirty Mike

If I can be honest I just wanna be the best one of the fastest spitters you ever heard to do it independent/
Only child syndrome and I guess I’m schizophrenic I got it from a drug addiction best believe it that I miss it/
Wanna make a fat stack so I can leave this all behind/ Spend my days away from work its killing me inside/
It’s like wearing a mask/ It’s like the facing the facts/

Most people work till they day they die/ Average person don’t learn to fly/
I’ll be damned if I dont go and try/ To make a bit of music and touch the sky/
If I pour my heart and soul in every single bar can I expect to see a cheque or is it just a way to vent/
Can I use the music as a way to prove that I deserve a little more respect and a couple more cents/

I don’t need a lotta money I just want enough/ Enough to help my family enough to fill my gut/
And not have to work like a slave to the man/ But I think I ‘d rather starve than have to walk with the pack/
All these rappers talk about is how they fucking kill it/ Probably never killed a thing I’m sure their beats are no different/
Probably stare at me with a two faced opinion talk behind my back cause they don’t like the competition/

Whys everybody gotta go and talk the same/ Are we trying to wake the people or are we trying to buy slaves/
Buy the people with our speech and sell our products with flame emojis this is heat/
Some days I feel ashamed to even try and be a part of this/ Cause everybody raps and wants to be another star of it/
I know I’m different than the rest of em/ So fuck it Imma make my art until I finally get the best of them/


Imma make my art until I get the best of them/
Imma leave my mark like a boot print on the chest of them/
Imma do it different while the industry is testing them/
Imma make my art until I get the best of them/

Verse 2

If I can be honest I just wanna be the best one of the greatest artists you never knew who loved to self express/
My music aint a product but its made to walk amongst the rest of what they selling to theses kids while calling it the best/
I don’t need to fit in I’m finning to win it definitive rhythms I’m one of the fittest I know I’m the shit/
My flow is my limit I know it’s infinite my soul aint diminished I’m true to my vision its as dope as it gets/

People got a problem when you start popping off/ Jealousy and trash talk manifests a lot/
They don’t answer calls and they never wanna chill/ So I say fuck em all and I work on my skills/
And when I see them in a cypher they don’t like it when I rhyme/ So they band together three on one I think it’s fine/
Band together with your crew and tell me what you do/ Cause either way I’m doing me with everything to prove/

Cut throat in the booth one jump to the moon/ Crash land back on earth just to make some room/
Watch everybody scatter when I’m landing all that matters is impacting on the baddest of the raps that I can manage/
Never needed a plan I never needed some fans but now I’m starting to feel like I need em real bad/
I need some help to rise my way to the top/ So I can bring you with me share it all before I drop/

Best believe that I’l remember if you show me love/ Best believe that I’ll remember if you never gave a fuck/
Never forget it I’m coming to get it I’m coming relentless I’m coming with revenge if I think your a dead end/
I’ve left more in the past for less like an ex who I vexed when it wasn’t more than sex/
I’m here to be the best and it’s no contest/ You think I’ve got an ego well I think I’ve got breath/

Verse 3

If I can be honest I just wanna be the best one of the kids who repped his city with every bar and every breath/
Stepping to the plate with every set I’m prepping to amaze/ That’s why it takes so long for me to step into the place/
But when you see me repping the redirect you respect the weapon that I’m sending to the heavens I’m defending this/
Effortless presence evanescence is the message better get it together learn how to recognize the penmanship/

Now I spread a message of independence while trying to stay connected with my brethren reminding them they’re heaven sent/
Still venting with my ventricles and following my metronome and banging with a better flow than just a couple months ago/
Improving with the music and I practice self improvement working through the moods to make a tune depicting why I do it/
Put my ego on it’s back and than I screw it to the past than I shoot it with these facts to let it rise from the ash/

Extra terrestrial from follicle to testicles/ Messing with the decibels my levels are incredible/
A level up above the levels you consider levelled up I’m centred with the devils while you praying for some luck/
If your keeping tabs than you know I love to rap/ If you missing all the facts than you know I’ll have to ask/
Why’d you even listen when you know I’m all about the most confusing ways to say I’m not a member of the pack/

Everybody wants to be a rapper let me ask you why/ Do you truly love the craft or do you wanna shine/
Are you leading me to light or are you leading me to buy/ Another piece of music only made to help me pass the time/
Cause I’ve got things to do/ Cause I’ve got things to prove/
I’ve gotta lost of room inside my chest but for you I don’t have another fucking breath and thats the truth/

Dirty Mike

i’mma stay up kick it on the late night with them cliches kicked to curb
camo on and i’m paranoid that i’m misplaced in the verse
deeper, deeper, how deep can we go
better tear them veins out from my skin and let the red gush in my flow
if it ain’t from the heart where’d you get that?
better keep your receipt and refund that
i’m a wild one when i’m on the noise
better cut the verse, motherfuck the voice
this goes further than the words, bitch be warned
in the manic ward ‘fore i cut the cord
i’m just ready to split in half with this
i’m just ready to come for your cap with this
you ain’t minin shafts wit yo raps
then you might as well stay back
cause if i write that down i’mma live by that
i’mma ride these hats till i die by that,
this ain’t freeze tag rap, this ain’t games to play
this my life bein etched and the pain displayed
when the paint gon dry on a sixteen
hung on the wall lookin pristine
that’s signed by you and definin you
for all of time existing
so watch


from Child​-​Like Penmanship EP, released May 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Cymatic Whitehorse, Yukon

Independent producer/rhymer. Repping his home inside his chest.

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